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Our Logos are Unique

Every logo we design shows our client's personality and their company's vision.

All of our logos start as hand drawn ideas, each unique and personal.

Our Logo Designs

Quantum State Logo Design

B&B Embroidery

A logo to represent the nature and personality of the company. B&B Embroidery specializes in all forms of embroidery work, being professional and creative.

Quantum State Logo Design


Wanting to ensure that the people know that Megawatt Electrical is a Cape Town based company that strives to provide the best electrical services in the province, this logo was created to allow for a simple but effective design.

Quantum State Logo Design


This logo was used to describe the services provided by All-Store Secure Self Storage. Security, Home and Office Storage, Document Storage, Vehicle Storage, and the professional and intimate manner in which they conduct business.

Quantum State Logo Design


Being a hunting company, the founders requested a traditional logo, but something unique. This hand designed logo is unique in every way, andd clearly stating the form of services provided.