Quantum State AntiMatter Card

The card of the future

AntiMatter is the future

Quantum State AntiMatter Card

How did AntiMatter come to be?

In the not so distant past, tired of the limited content of the traditional business card, we at QState decided it was time for a new ruler, a stronger ruler. And so our quest begun, searching the mountains of Mordor, fighting our way through Klingon space, not even traveling to the restuarant at the end of the universe could help us find the right successor to over-throw the current business card ruler.

And then we came up with a plan! Looking at our physics, and with the help of some mad scientests, we discovered that for all the matter in the universe (that is what everything is made off), there is anti-matter, the exact opposite of matter.

So, taking all the powers of the normal business card, and none of its weaknesses, we pulled out our wands, potion kits and weird science inventions, and we started working. We poked and proded, cast spells and mixed various different potions, and after a few very late nights and an overdose of caffiene, we placed our invention on the table and ordered Igor to flip the switch.

The AntiMatter card was born! The one card to rule all business cards

So what is the AntiMatter card?

Empowered with NFC super powers, this hero has come to replace your stack of business cards.

This smart card not only saves the trees (no more 1000 cards), it allows you to share your contact information with anyone you desire, wirelessly, in seconds, quick and easy.

But NFC is not the only hidden power of this card. We have included a secret power, a QR code that will allow you to share your info with those whose phones are not NFC enabled. With great power comes even greater responsibility!

Why AntiMatter?

Traditional business cards are essential to every person that wants to spread the word of their business. By handing out your business card, you are allowed to create a connection with the current or possible new client. This process can be used to form a bond between the people and in so doing generate a client-business relationship.

The problem is, how many times have you left your stack of business cards in the office or at home? Carrying around a hundred business cards is not easy, nor is it fun. So, how would you go about sharing your contact information with multiple people at a party, meeting, function, or just on the street?

The answer is the Quantum State AntiMatter smart card!

This business card is the future. By simply tapping the card to back of a NFC enables smart phone, your contact details can be shared and saved on the device in seconds. This card is as big as a bank card, so it will fit in your wallet with ease, and you can easily update your information on the card.

Our cards can do so much more!

The AntiMatter card is perfect for a business card, but it does not have to stop there. We can program the card to perform any number of functions. Just have a look at some of the functions that the card provides:

○ Access Control

○ Time Tracking

○ Various Business Uses

○ Share your websites, wifi-password and more

○ Enable phone functions