About Us

A long time ago....

As every business can only start once people with the same mission and vision have found each other, so it was with Quantum State.

Meeting at university, the members of Quantum State saw a hunger in each other to help businesses that are not informed of the benefits that technology holds for them. This simple idea was enough to push them forward to start Quantum State in 2017, a company that strives to not only help businesses grow, but to make a true difference in the world while enjoying every second of doing what they love.

Developing and enhancing their skills, the QState team have taken the mind-set that nothing is impossible, “if we can’t do it, we will learn to do it”.

Facing each challenge head on, the QState team keeps on growing, hoping to become a name that everyone can relate to and a business that leads by example.

Quantum State Programming


The world of technology grows and evolves every day. We at Quantum State strive to grow and evolve with it by delivering competitive, unique and efficient software products of the highest quality to individuals and businesses that are in need of professional help.

We know that most new and current small businesses struggle to survive, and not knowing how the use of websites, social media pages, or specialized business systems can increase their revenue, these businesses cannot compete against larger companies.

At Quantum Sate, we strive to help these businesses with affordable products and services, not only helping them grow, but helping the economy grow, and enriching the lives of everyone around.

Quantum State Mission


We at Quantum State are dedicated to the advancement of technology and the implementation of innovative ideas to help build the community and give companies the tools they need to manage and improve their daily activities.

We want to become a name that everyone knows and trusts, a company that not only works with other companies, but that will also be able to help teach the community the importance of programming and help them to build on these skills.

Quantum State Vision

Our team

Meet our team of little rascals

Hein Boshoff

Business and Project Manager

Head of this IT bunch, he leads by example and believes there is no such thing as too much coffee.

Hein Boshoff

As the founder and head of this geeky business, Hein strives to ensure that every project is completed in the highest quality and in the least amount of time. Hein leads by example and always pushes the other staff to better their skills.

Jean-Pierre Pieterse

Client and Supplier Liaison

Adviser to the king, JP is the one that is always first in and last out (Parties included).

Jean-Pierre Pieterse

Co-founder and Hein’s right-hand man, Jean-Pierre, or JP, has an exceptional talent of working with people. He not only shows the spirit and dedication of Quantum State to the clients, but help keep the work done at QState fun and motivating for the whole team.

Afika Cona

Risk Specialist & Public Officer

The guy that can take any business and make it a success

Afika Cona

Co-founder and our ‘go-to’ man, Afika is talented in various business environments. He makes everyone we meet feel like part of the family and always walks that extra mile for clients, team members and QState.

Kristen Reid

Lead Graphic Designer

With Irish blood pumping through her veins, she is a fluffy bunny to be reconed with

Kristen Reid

Always trying to soar to new height, Kristen is extremely creative  and loves solving problems. She lifts the spirits around her and believes that every project outcome must be unique to the client and their needs.

Alexander Nel

Lead Software Developer

The phrase silent, but deadly comes to mind, but more like silent, munching and gaming...

Alexander Nel

Quiet and intelligent, Alexander, or Alex, enjoys creating software that will help people and companies in any way they need. He strives to better himself on a daily basis, and brings this attitude to the team and to projects, ensuring that QState provides the best services possible.

Philip Venter

Lead Web Developer

A tinkerer of gadgets and programs, Phil is the guy who would break stuff just to fix it.

Philip Venter

Extremely fun and always smiling, Philip, or Phil, is a brilliant web developer that pushes the boundaries of what a website can do. Together with our graphic design team, Phil creates some of the best and fun websites found on the web.

Lezaan Oosthuizen

Assistant Graphic Designer

Basicly, she is like Winnie the Pooh, loves sweet stuff and hugs

Lezaan Oosthuizen

Pure talent is a great way to describe Lezaan. Finding inspiration in everything around her, Lezaan creates some of the best graphics found today. She bubbles with excitement every day and loves bringing the QState team closer with every second.