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Are you ready player one....

Allow us to take you on a journey to destroy the ring.... ow wait, we don't like hiking.

But what we do like is developing new and innovative ways of giving your business super powers and allowing it to leap a building in a single bound. And we do that without having to take apart and reassembling your business....we leave that to our minion Igor.

From websites that brings out your inner nerd, to logos that will make any super hero jealous, we do it all. Just have a look at our site and see that we are the company you need.

Quantum State


Our bag of tricks

Web Dev

Web Dev

Putting your business on the World Wide Web is essential to help you grow. With a variety of templates to choose from, or a complete custom design, we can create the perfect website best suited for your business needs.


Graphic Design

Taking your business to new heights by showing your clients your passions and personality with the use of graphics and designs. Unique and beautiful logo designs.  Rebranding of products and services. Front-end design of interfaces and websites.


AntiMatter Cards

The AntiMatter card is the only business card that you will ever need. This smart business card will allow you to share your contact details effortlessly and is fully customizable and safe.

Social Media

Social Media

The future of client-to-business relationships are the use of social media sites. By adopting this into your business, you create a network of communication between current and potential clients, enhancing your sales and increasing your client database.

Business Systems

Business Systems

Personalized software systems designed to your business strategies to allow a more personal and specialized system with custom functionality to move your business forward.

Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

Hardware and software in a business must stay updated to ensure efficiency and security. We help you keep your software and systems up-to date and we can provide necessary hardware and peripherals to ensure you have the technological edge.